New Voluntary Sector Grants Fund

The Merton Partnership  launched a new £204,000 voluntary sector fund on 7 November. Voluntary, community and faith groups and social enterprises are invited to apply for grants of £1,000 up to a maximum of £10,000. For more information see Voluntary Sector Grants

Merton Partnership Annual Conference 2012

This years Merton Partnership conference focused on ensuring that Merton remain resilient through the challenging times facing our Borough. The Conference particularly focused on social responsibility within the context of a changing local Police force, demographic and welfare system/

Presentations from the conference are available to download below:

Merton the Place (0.6MB), Andrew Wakefield, Chair of the Sustainable Communities and Transport Board

Welfare Reform Changes (0.1MB), Yvette Stanley, Chair of the Children’s Trust

Merton Police update (22MB), Darren Williams, Police Borough Commander

Delegates engaged in six workshops during the afternoon to consider new and low cost ways of contributing towards key outcomes. The ideas generated during the sessions will be considered as part of the Community Plan refresh.

What is the Merton Partnership?

The Merton Partnership (the Local Strategic Partnership) co-ordinates the delivery of services and other activities in the borough to improve the quality of life and physical environment experienced by Merton residents and visitors to the borough.

The Merton Partnership brings together organisations that provide services or are involved in public life in the borough, working together in partnership to achieve our vision of Merton as ‘a great place to live and call home, where citizens are also neighbours and take responsibility for improving their own lives and neighbourhoods’.

The Merton Partnership is:

  • working to improve the quality of life for people in Merton by building strong, safe, active and sustainable communities
  • determined to bridge the gap between the east and the west of the borough

The Merton Partnership will achieve this by

  • bringing together organisations from the public, private and voluntary sector to harness collective strengths and resources
  • overseeing the delivery of Merton’s Community Plan
  • recognizing that we achieve more by working together

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